This guide is for integration with the new DanDomain Webshop. Beware if you are using DanDomain Classic, please refer to this guide:

Step 1.

To get started, simply log into DanDomain and go to settings

Step 2.

In settings, go to SOAP API, and click the checkbox to enable it.

Step 3.

Go to "Medarbejdere" and create a new account.

Step 4.

Fill out form. First and last name can be anything. Email / username can be any email, even if it doesn't exist - it's simply needed for the Integration. You could use for it if needed, but they're globally unique, so if it says it's already created, just change it to some random email.

Step 5.

Under "Applikationsadgang" click "API" checkbox. Then simply press "Gem".

Step 6.

Integrate on the Custimy Platform. Make sure to choose the new DanDomain, and not classic. See below.

In the username field, insert the email / username of the account you just created. In password, insert the password you created for the account. Click connect.

If you experience issues, please don't hesitate and reach out to us!

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