In order to integrate TikTok Ads, you only need to fulfill a single field. The following steps will show you where to find your Account ID. The field needed to integrate is the following:

  • Account ID

    • The ID of the TikTok Ad account you use to create ads and audiences.

Step 1. Navigate to TikTok Ads dashboard.

  • Go to TikTok Ads and log into the account you wish to use.

Step 2. Copy TikTok Account ID.

  • Press the top bar dropdown and copy the value following the ID: part.

Step 3. Integrate with Custimy

  • Navigate to the Custimy integrations page and click on the TikTok integration button.

  • Insert into the Account ID field the ID you copied from Step 2.

  • Press Connect.

Step 4. Allow Custimy to integrate with TikTok

  • After clicking connect you will be directed to the TikTok permission page.

  • Click through the flow and allow Custimy the permissions requested.

  • You should now be redirected back to Custimy and after a short wait a success message will appear.

    • If the integration fails, please go back through this guide step-by-step and try once more, or contact our support.

Success! You can now use the TikTok Ads integration on the Custimy Activations page for creating and synchronizing your Custom Audiences in Custimy to your TikTok Ads account to achieve greater marketing results!

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