In order to integrate Facebook CAPI (Conversion API), you need to fulfill two fields. The following steps will show you where to find each one. The fields needed to integrate are the following:

  • Pixel ID

    • The ID of the Facebook Pixel you use to collect events in your store.

  • Access Token

    • The access token you will generate to allow Custimy access to send over your events to your Facebook Pixel.

Step 1. Navigate to Facebook Pixel settings.

  • Alternatively, go to your Facebook Business Manager and click through More business settings > Data sources > Pixels > Choose Pixel > Open in Events Manager

Step 2. Select your Pixel which you use for events on your store.

Step 3. Copy Pixel ID

  • In the in the right hand-side of the Overview tab, copy your Pixel ID and save it for later use.

Step 4. Generate Access Token

  • Navigate to the Settings tab, scroll down and click on Generate access token

  • Copy the whole access token and save this for later use.

Step 5. Connect in Custimy

  • In the Custimy app, go to the Custimy Integration page and click on the Facebook CAPI integration.

  • In the Pixel ID field, insert the Pixel ID copied from earlier.

  • In the Access Token field, insert the Access Token copied from earlier.

    Click Connect.

    • You should now see a success message. If not, go back to Step 1 and follow the guide once more or reach out to Custimy support team.

Events will now start to be sent through to your Ad Account every time new data is fetched to ensure the highest data quality for your ad account.

Note: You can verify that events are being sent through correctly by looking in the Overview tab on your Facebook Pixel in the Events Manager dashboard.

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