Step 1:

Log into your Custimy account, and click on Activation:

Step 2:

Once you click on the activation button, you will end up on the page for all your active audiences. The first time it will be empty, and you will need to create a new audience.

Step 3:

Click the New audience button.

Find and select your segments; in this example, we chose:

  • Most Valuable customers

  • Loyal Low Customers

  • Core customers

Once the segments have been selected, you will then see the results as shown below:

Step 4:

Click on Add Filter

If you would like to filter for example All customers in the chosen segments that have made more than two orders you would do as follows:

Variable: - Total orders

Operator - Over

Value: 2

When the filter option is added you will get the following:

Down in the bottom left corner you will get a summary of how many customers are selected.

If you want to look at the customer list, you click on the button “Show customers” and a pop-up will appear with all the customers matching your selection.

If you are comfortable with the customer list, you can move forward with the next steps.

Step 5:

It would be best to choose which channels you want to send data for the activation to occur.

Decide which channels you want in the view below; note that the chosen channel needs to be integrated before Custimy can send any data.

Once you have added your channel, you will need to name your audience.

Go to the top of the page, and in the Name field, select a name you can easily recognize; we have used the example Facebook Ads Custom Audience #1. Don’t forget to save and activate the audience after entering the name!

Step 6:

You will now be able to see your active ‘Facebook Ad Customer Audience #1’ in your Custom Audiences segment and your Facebook account.

Your Customer Audiences will appear in your Facebook Ad account:

You will see your ‘Custom Audiences’ marked as READY.

Please note that the lookalike audience will first appear within 12/24hrs

If you are unsure about how to create a custom audience follow the link below:

How to Create a custom audience

Step 7:

Now you want to create a Lookalike audience to make the most out of your data.

Fill the below fields to match your marketing plan in the best possible way.

Facebook will now create a lookalike audience for your business.

Selecting Estimated audience size: Based on the amount chosen, you can then find and expand your audience based on the information selected demographically and geographically and who they may be.

We do not recommend direct targeting due to GDPR - (permissions due to do direct targeting on these people to create specific audiences only targeting these specific customers)

Revisiting your audiences

You will always have access to all the audiences you send to other channels by visiting the Activation page in Custimy.

As you see below, your Facebook Ads Custom Audience #1 is now active and can be edited if you want.

Selected your Custom Audience:

Search by Name: - Add filter search by segment company is attached too:

Here you will be able to see the segments that are active.

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or chat for more help.

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