Data activation - Make the data work for you.

A customer data platform is only worth the number of activations made based on the data. The dashboards are valuable insights; however, the activation layer enables you to work with customer insights.

When you create the segments and send them to ads, email marketing campaigns, and similar, you can target your customers in the best possible way. And find new audiences based on the insights you have.

To make this happen, you will need to do two things:

  1. Ensure you have integrated the platform you want to send data to fx. Facebook.

  2. Create the custom audience you want to work with.

It only takes a few clicks to mitigate some of the damage that iOS14.5 caused to your tracking abilities. Learn how to get started with the guide below to make your data work for you! This new Facebook API integration might just fix your issues.

Step 1. Accept Facebook Terms of Service

  • In order to start using Custimy for creating Custom Audiences in your Facebook Ads account, you will need to accept Facebook's Terms of Service related to Custom Audiences if you haven't already.

Step 2. Find your Facebook Business ID

  • Log into your Facebook Ad Account

  • Find your Business ID and insert it into your Business Manager ID* within Custimy.

See the example below on how to connect your Facebook app integration.

Step 3. Enter your Facebook Business ID

  • Now enter the integration page in Custimy and chose Facebook Ads and insert the Business manager ID:

Step 4. Find your Facebook Ad Account ID

  • Go back to Facebook and find your Ad Account number i.e 431564534654:

Step 5. Enter your Facebook Ad Account ID

  • Go to your integration in Custimy and add under Ad Account ID*

Please note: you may have multiple Facebook ad accounts - please make sure you connect to the account you want to have this campaign in. will request access to your Facebook connector

Select the business that you would like to use and click on Continue.

Step 6. Start creating Custom Audiences in Custimy!

You should now be directed back to the Custimy platform and receive a successful message - if you do not, please follow the guide from Step 1 again or contact our support.

You can now start creating Custom Audiences in Custimy that will automatically update in your Facebook Ads account - see more on creating Custom Audiences

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