The primary source eCommerce/CMS helps identify webshop platforms and the most essential sources of information are for the Customer Data Platform.

Get started with Shopify and Magento follow guides below:

Shopify: Shopify

Magento: Magento

Using the email marketing tools such as Mailchimp Klaviyo Active Campaign

to add additional value to your customer behaviors and analysis in the preferred channels in different segments.

Social media is key! reach out to your audience by utilizing social networks - this feature will help gather information about paid ads and marketing tools. Google Analytics

Customer Service is important! collective information from the Customer Service tool will add valuable information for all segments eliminating churn risks and more!

Track and trace website behaviors from CTR, first seen and more with Analytics tool.

Utilize add providers to have a broad overview of the impact of paid advertising with the comparison to organic traffic.

Here is a short video:

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