Most Valuable Customers

In this section, you will get an overview of your top customers. Who are best in order of frequency, high profitability, and low rate of return. Let’s look closely at each section:

Customers: this is the part where you can see your total active customers and you’re able to see the growth compared to the previous month following Orders which show the number of webshop orders placed last month as well as the growth compared to the previous month.

Total Sales: here you are able to see the total sales of a customer since they became one. The percentage growth is visible.

Total profits: the total profit that a customer brought to your company since the start.

Customer Average: here the order average for each customer in the current month is shown and you can also see the growth percentage compared to the previous month.

Orders: the average order that each customer places each month is presented here, also you can see the growth they make compared to the previous month.

Profit: here the Profit means the total profit related to this customer in the current month. Which is the Sales (incl. VAT) - Cost (excl. VAT).

Sales/month: here you can see how much sales this segment has generated per month.

Return Rate: this refers to the return rate of your customer for this month.

Email bounce rate: this percentage shows the number of emails that your customer did not receive.

Customer Source: it is the source that initiated the purchase from the start and how do we measure it.

Organic Traffic: this refers to the traffic which does not come from advertisements.

Paid Traffic: this section shows the number of purchases that customers have made coming from paid media.

Repeat rate: it shows the customer in the segment making repeat purchases.

CAC: This section shows the sales and marketing costs to acquire customers in this segment.

Predicted CLV: this is the average predicted value of a customer in the segment.

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