To be successful in the business world and get ahead of your competition, knowing your customers and what they like and prefer is vital for you as a company.

The Single Customer View will help marketers understand all the data their customers create.

Why is it important? Well, your customers expect you to know their needs and interests and create a unique personalized experience for them every time they interact with you.

The Single Customer View feature allows marketers to collect data about their customers and help merge them together in one place.

Our single customer view creates a better overview of your customer's profile and gives you access to everything you need to know, i.e. your customer’s name, e-mail, personal information, their shopping habits, favorite items, spendings, and so on. Let’s dig deeper.

In the first section, you can see more detailed information such as total orders placed by the customer, total items bought, their last activity and recent interaction with your ads, and whether the customer accepts marketing or not.

The section personal information provides you with relevant personal information about the customer like email address, phone number, and shipping/billing address.

In the top section, you can see your customer’s total spend, average order size, and what your total profit of that customer has been since they became your customer.

If your customer is returning items you can see their return rate on their profile and the probability of them churning - meaning the percentage that your customer would no longer do business with you.

And as if that wasn’t enough, you’ll be able to view the percentage that your customer will place a new order within the next 30 days or their propensity to buy. Moreover, their predicted lifetime value means their lifetime as your customer.

You can also find out about your customers' purchasing habits and interests, the time gap between purchases, and received recommendations based on their shopping history.

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