Please consider whether you are using DanDomain Classic or the newer DanDomain Webshop. If you are using the new DanDomain Webshop, please click the button below to follow the correct guide.


In order to integrate DanDomain Classic, you need to fulfill three fields. The following steps will show you how to find and configure each one of the following fields

  • Domain:

    • The full URL of your webshop.

  • API Key

    • The key generated in your DanDomain Classic admin panel.

  • Site ID

    • The ID of the the site you would like to connect with your Custimy account.

Step 1: Create a new Integration user

  1. Log into your DanDomain Classic Admin panel

  2. Go to Indstillinger > Integrations

  3. Click on +Tilføj ny bruger.

Step 2: Configure integration

  1. Enter a name for your configuration like for example "Custimy"

  2. Go through the permissions list in the box called Rettigheder and give Read / Læs permissions for Ordre‚ Kunder, Produkt and Indstillinger like shown in the example below.

  3. Click on GEM

Step 3. Generate API key

  1. Generate a new API key by pressing the button Opret ny API nøgle

  2. Copy and save it for the integration setup in the next steps, since this is the last time you will have access to it.

Step 5. Select your Site ID

You can only attach one Site ID to your Custimy account.

  1. In your DanDomain Classic admin panel, go to Indstillinger > Site

  2. Pick the site you would like to integrate to Custimy and take note of the ID

Step 4. Connect the integration

  1. Go back to the integration page in the Custimy application and fulfill the fields

  2. In the Domain field, insert the URL of your shop. Please include the full URL with https:// and www.

  3. In the API Key field, insert the API key saved from the previous steps.

  4. In the Site ID field, insert the appropriate Site ID that you would like to use for your Custimy account.

  5. After all values have been inserted as shown in the example below, go ahead and click Connect. If your credentials are incorrect or invalid, please double check and try again, or contact Customer Support.

Step 5. Come back for your results!

After successfully connecting your new DanDomain Classic integration, your historical data will begin to be collected, processed and analyzed. This can take between 1 - 10 hours depending on the amount of data.

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