Here you can see how you find and generate credentials for your Klaviyo account to connect it with Custimy.

Step 1. Navigate to Klaviyo settings

  • Log into your Klaviyo account.

  • Open the menu in the bottom-right corner.

  • Click on Settings

Step 2. Create a new Private API Key

  • Navigate to the tab API Keys.

  • Click on Create Private API Key

Step 3. Allow correct permissions to Custimy.

  • Enter a name for your API key like "Custimy API Key"

  • Click on Full Access Key to allow Custimy to pull and update your data correctly.

  • Click on Create to finalize your API key.

Step 4. Get your API key

  • You should now see your API key in the box as shown below.

  • Copy or save this key for the following step.

Copy the key shown in the green area.

Step 5. Connect to Custimy

  • Go to the Integrations page and click on the Klaviyo button.

  • In the field API Key, insert the API key copied from before and click Connect!

You should now see a success message! If not, please repeat the guide from the start or reach out to our Customer Support.

The process to fetch your data will now begin and takes a couple of hours. You can already right away start using your Klaviyo integration to activate using Our Activation!

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