To connect your Shopify store to your Custimy.io account, a Custom App is required.

A video showing the entire process of connecting your Shopify account to Custimy can be found here.

You can also scroll down to read the step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Navigate to your Shopify account's app section

  • Head into your Shopify account and go to the Apps tab.

  • Click on Develop apps

Step 2. Create a new app

  • In the top bar, click Create an app

    • Notice: If you have not created an app before, you might be prompted to accept some Terms of Service first.

  • Give your new app an arbitrary name, such as "Custimy.io"

  • Click Create app and you will be directed to the App development page.

Step 3. Go to app scope

  • Click on Configure Admin API scope.

Step 4. Configure app permissions

  • Go down the list of Admin API access scopes and check off the following boxes for the following items.

  • Click Save

Step 5. Install the app

  • Click on Install app

Step 6. Grab the API Key

  • Reveal the Admin API access token

  • Copy the key to your clipboard

Step 7. Connect with Custimy.io

Step 8. Validation

  • After you connect your integration you should receive a success message and your Shopify integrations will appear in the left-hand view, indicating it is pulling data.

  • If you receive an error message, please go back through the guide and ensure you follow the steps, or contact our support using our Help Center button in your down right corner.

Now just wait to see the interesting insights we have created on your Shopify customer data when you integrate with Shopify. 🎉

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